Three Stories.

1. I shifted my eyes from Nnamdi’s bulging tummy to his face as he rinsed it in the sink. I drew my wrapper up to cover my breasts. It was hard to understand, even though we shared the same room, how he could smile that widely and laugh longer than he lasted inside me. © … More Three Stories.


Musa alighted from a red station wagon. “I wish you all the best,” the driver, a grey-haired man with yellowed teeth and a generous amount of belly fat, said. Musa offered him a faint smile and nodded. The man started the car. “Allah be with you.” “And you too,” Musa answered. He watched as the … More Home.

Cheating Fetters.

“It was the first October of last year that I first met Katherine. Before I met her, I used to believe each year could only carry one October.  She showed me how wrong I was. Your body, you see, is as much a case—a home, as it is a cage. To be truly free, is … More Cheating Fetters.


I saw the story published in the newspaper that was delivered yesterday. I didn’t send the story in, someone else must have. If I wasn’t the subject of the article, I may have believed everything in it completely. The only truth in the story was the fact that I was, because I no longer am, … More Threads.


Simon rested his chin on the handle of his broom as he stared down the rows of chairs—yellow, green and black—that spread out before him; dull, bleached and empty. He had just cleaned them. He had spent a lot of energy trying to make them perfect. He realized, after the third go, that he couldn’t … More Simon.

Punctured Edges.

“Don’t stay up late sweetie. There’s food in the fridge, make sure you’ve eaten and slept before I’m back.” The words wafted through Bayo’s mind for the fourth time that night. “Don’t stay up late.” A few years ago, hearing his mother mouth these words before she disappeared into the evening, had meant nothing more … More Punctured Edges.

Courting Time.

I fear that the days go by rather fast; the nights are shorter, the days too. I had assumed that it was just my mind that had chosen to toy with me, to push me to the edge. But the winkle that stared back at me yesterday, when I gazed into the mirror, slashed the … More Courting Time.

Redeeming Normal.

I must warn you. This is a bit creepy-ish. Prompt was something I can’t remember. My grandfather used to tell us stories when I was still a child. He was the oldest man in our clan so naturally, the responsibility fell on him because of the wealth of wisdom and knowledge the years had bestowed … More Redeeming Normal.


“Where’s Gertrude?” I asked as I bounced into Christopher’s store. The gazes that met me confused me. Christopher squeezed his mop. “He’s dead—OD’d himself.” Gertrude was at my house last week. I was new on drugs. I was convinced it was good so I showed him my new found light. I set him up with … More Gertrude.