Anxiety? It’s easy. Just pretend these people aren’t here.

​I like confident people. Many people do.

I like the way their minds don’t go blank, their voices and bodies don’t quake with anxiety when they want to express themselves, and their ability to maintain eye contact. It’s admirable.

I’m nothing like that. I prefer to write. People somewhat scare me. It’s not exactly cool. It’s the sorta thing associated with girls — if it should happen. Guys shouldn’t be like that. Many people say many things.

I remember once in school, I was to speak on an assembly ground and I went blank. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what to say. Just before I got up, everything was perfectly arranged in my mind and suddenly, my mind was bare. And sure! The laughs came, the teachers too joined in making fun. It wasn’t cool. They call it social anxiety.

Here, a lot of these things, anxiety and other psychological glitches are not acknowledged. They are considered exotic problems. You shouldn’t have them. If you do, you’re just weak.

You get forced to do presentations, things you’re not made for and you get scored, just like everyone, on your demeanour. A difference in your psych, is no excuse. It’s made up. But pretending these things don’t exist, doesn’t do much. Not everyone can speak publicly, not everyone can remain comported when there’s a stranger in their circle: all people shouldn’t be put in the same box.

I don’t know how it’s dealt with in other places. We here, are a very rigid people; quantitatively stolid.


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