Why should I do it? Only few get lucky.

What are the chances of someone you like, liking you back? Not really great?

Some people check stats, the mainstream ratios of yeses and noes, and decide, based on these, whether someone likes them or not.

If most polls say, like this one for instance, that, 

“In most cases, a person’s crush doesn’t feel the same way about them. Some people however, exceptions to the norm, are lucky enough to have their feelings reciprocated…”, 

a lot of people will conclude within themselves, that their crush probably wouldn’t like them back. They don’t even try to get them. They decide, score themselves, based on other people’s experiences. Why? Not essentially because people or the polls say so, but because that’s what’s easier to believe. So many don’t try talking, acting.

They don’t consider the fact that they could be part of the exception mentioned. That they could be one of those few who have their feelings, mirrored.

This is just an analogy; a shabby one though. I’m just saying a lot of us assume we can’t have certain things because of our past experiences or those of other people, do certain things only in our minds, make assumptions instead of actually making an effort.

You shouldn’t limit yourself. You probably are the exception. Act!

And I’m sorry. Like the psychologist who prescribes you the recipe to happiness but suffers from serious depression, I don’t always take my own advice. It doesn’t make it any less good though.


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