I’m sorry. I haven’t thought much about what to post today. Here’s a poem though. I wrote it a couple of months ago.


They say misery loves company

Must be why these demons come to me

“Do you hear that thundering?”

They remind me of what’s coming

“Look in this cup, what do you see?

Your iniquities — a brackish sea

Your attempts at redemption are Sisyphean

You will join us at Old Nick’s den.”

During those nights that I reveled in sadness

And failed to contain my thoughts and madness

I helplessly watched my chances at redemption, ebb

Knowing  fully well that I brought this upon myself

I feel the scorching of the inferno

My guardian angels left long ago

Now I wonder if they were ever here

If I had hoped in the shadows that never were

These clouds — dreich and grey

Harbingers of what is near

When they eventually fade

I fear I won’t be here

Copyright © Joseph Bravo 2016 All Rights Reserved


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