Life Happens

I’ll tell you this story. I’ve never shared it before.

I still remember like it was yesterday. Well, it was yesterday. The doctors weren’t winning and the medications were glitch filled. They didn’t work. And it didn’t seem like science had the answer.

You see, my other sister is epileptic, dyslexic; among similar things. She wasn’t born that way. She fell sick at three. And she’s​ lived under the blanket of her ailment all her life.

A time came when the skies brightened. We had heard countless testimonies, seen it on TV too. There were other proofs one couldn’t dispute. Reports changed, cancer vanished, people walked, people saw, got healed and delivered. Heaven had given the pastor, a slight variant of Midas touch. Real life proofs of miracles that bludgeoned all doubt. They were true stories, really. Others had gone and returned.

Finally the seizures would stop. She would walk fine, think fine as she should. Her problems would soon be over. She was going to have that encounter.

She had been very excited, she had talked about it. I did too; the things we would do once she was normal again.

That was ten years ago. She went and came and remained the same. And then I realised that plans were relative. Things didn’t always turn out as expected.

I think people get me wrong. I don’t have a negative outlook on life. I’m more of a realist. I know nothing’s ever promised. Or sure.
I’m sorry for the hiatus. I’m back.


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