A teen, his thoughts, the world.

I’m Joseph, your not so regular, terrible with first impressions, teenager in his second year university navigating his way through this world and the many others I’ve created in my mind. I’m hardly social. I lost the zeal to be. I’m an aesthetic, kind of. I love nature, I love art in its entirety; paintings, drawings, books, music, writing, everything. I draw a little, only portraits though. I write too; poems mostly. The first time I actually tried really writing was in my final year of secondary school — a few lines of love. It’s that crushing thing.

Over the years(not many — just two), my poetry and prose writing did kinda get better. I’ve never taken it seriously — writing at most, 10 times a year. I want to now though.

I’m a person with a lot of idiosyncrasies. I post mostly what’s on my mind.

This blog is this: It’s viewing the world through my lenses and relating, if you can, to my shabby opinions. This is not a rant page. I can’t assure you but I do hope you’ll at least, find a few things here that’ll interest you.

I haven’t figured my categories yet. I will soon and recategorize. I would greatly appreciate some help. Message me here on Facebook.

Please follow.

I’m on Instagram here and on Twitter, @Iamm_Bravo


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