Within Tarnation.

It’s sloshing again—this lava is, the way it always does before crawling up my legs. I can feel the hairs on my neck singe. This will be the umpteenth time and the distant cackles grow nearer. They’ll fade again. And this routine, I’ll never get used to it. Two hours in hell. I remember my … More Within Tarnation.

Becoming Juliet.

“I love you,” Taiye said just before her lips closed over mine. She’s whispered these same words a thousand times and it still lit fires in the pit of stomach every time she did. Because I knew she meant it. I just didn’t know how much. *** I sit here watching the clock tick and … More Becoming Juliet.

Seeing ghosts.

I used to think seeing ghosts required the full theatrics of shaking curtains, rattling windows and eerie whistling. It was something that registered in my mind from years spent binging on horror movies. It’s not true though. I learnt quite recently, how off course movies are in their portrayal of reality, or in this case, … More Seeing ghosts.

Playing God.

If I got pregnant the last time I made a real post, I’d have my child in my arms now. I’m really sorry I’ve not been taking this as seriously as I planned to. Besides a serious dearth of inspiration, a lot of other things have prevented me from—mostly within my control. I can’t promise … More Playing God.


As people we are fundamentally programmed to believe that love is what we need to heal us of our brokenness, our pain, our suffering. Our lives are not kdramas though. Sometimes love does the opposite. But love is not the culprit. It’s a lot of other meddling factors that are responsible.

Let These Drops…

Since I haven’t had time on my hands to make full posts, I figured I’d make small quotes like this to post. I’ll do this everyday. At least thrice a week… Full posts will be once a week. Please share.

Life Happens

I’ll tell you this story. I’ve never shared it before. I still remember like it was yesterday. Well, it was yesterday. The doctors weren’t winning and the medications were glitch filled. They didn’t work. And it didn’t seem like science had the answer. You see, my other sister is epileptic, dyslexic; among similar things. She … More Life Happens