The Call

​Dear non-Africans, do you believe in juju? I mean voodoo. What’s with the question, right? So I’ve read, seen around and on TV too, a thing — not sure how common it is, so I won’t say — one of what has earned Africans, especially Nigerians, a bad reputation abroad. It’s the thing with some … More The Call

Stereotype Him

​I came across this picture a few months back. I laughed over it. It was a joke to me — the kind you took in with mixed feelings, leaving you with an unpleasant taste after the euphoria was gone. But it’s true and that’s why it’s sad. And it’s not just the politicians. I watched … More Stereotype Him

Anxiety? It’s easy. Just pretend these people aren’t here.

​I like confident people. Many people do. I like the way their minds don’t go blank, their voices and bodies don’t quake with anxiety when they want to express themselves, and their ability to maintain eye contact. It’s admirable. I’m nothing like that. I prefer to write. People somewhat scare me. It’s not exactly cool. … More Anxiety? It’s easy. Just pretend these people aren’t here.